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India is the Land of Spices, and comprises of many savory cuisines that are delightful for food lovers across the world. Lip-smacking and tasty, the various cuisines from India have become popular everywhere from the Mahabaleshwar to Montreal and from Ludhiana to London. Read on to find out which foods could be causing you issues and mean you may need a food intolerance test.

The dishes from India are influenced by indigenous traditions as well as influences from Europe – especially England and Portugal, and Mediterranean, Central Asia and Middle East regions. Find out about the various styles of Indian cuisines that can give rise to food allergies and make people undergo an intolerance test.

North Indian Cuisine

This type of cuisine is from north Indian provinces, such as Lucknow, Kashmir and Punjab. The food lovers of North India use milk products such as curd, cheese and clarified butter. Groundnut Oil is used primarily for the preparation of different types of dishes. The presence of milk might give rise to lactose intolerance or milk sensitivity. Check out our website to find out more an intolerance test.

South Indian Cuisine

In these cuisines, there is a generous use of rice and other rice products as well as a wide range of spices such as ginger, curry leaves, and cardamom. The presence of these spices makes dishes from South India so wonderful and tasty in form. Payasam, Sambar Dal, Rasam and Dosa are among the primary tasty dishes of states such as Kerala, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. Primarily, coconut oil is used for the preparation of different types of South Indian food items. There can be allergenic reactions produced due to lactose sensitivity from milk, spice intolerance from any of the spices etc present in these foods.

West India Cuisine

Seafood dishes are a staple in Maharashtrian, Goan and Konkani cuisines. Fishes are used generously in the coastal regions, and meat and poultry dishes along with fishes are a staple for most non-vegetarians. Groundnut Oil is used primarily for cooking the different types of dishes in these areas. However, those who suffer from fish allergies can develop issues such as anaphylaxis, breathing difficulties, diarrhea, vomiting, swelling of the nose, mouth and throat, skin irritations and more. Some individuals with fish allergies may develop allergies to cooked fishes although not to raw fishes. Ultimately, depending on your diet, you should always consider an intolerance test.

East India Cuisine

Different delicacies are cooked here with generous usage of Panchfuran (combination of 5 spices) and Mustard oil. Various sweets like Rosogolla and Sweetened Curd (Misti Doi) are among the special types of delicacies prepared in these areas. However, curd can give rise to lactose intolerance in people with milk allergy. If you suspect you have an intolerance to milk, then you should definitely order an intolerance test.

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