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If you suffer from a medical problem or are seriously ill, you might want to have a consultation with your GP. But many people today are opting for Bioresonance Testing. This type of therapy is being opted for by people who are fed up with regular medicine and want a line of treatment that can accurately help them get rid of their ailment. Find out about some of the main benefits of this type of test in offering relief from food intolerance caused due to allergens or triggers in Indian cuisines such as lassi, sandesh, puri and chhana.

Tested and tried across the world

The various techniques of Bioresonance have been globally used in nations such as Russia, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Asia since the 70’s. More than 17,000 Bioresonance devices have been sold across the globe. There are plenty of holistic practitioners worldwide who are daily curing patients affected with conditions like skin problems, digestive problems, allergies, hay-fever and depression along with numerous other disorders. Skin issues arising due to food allergies such as lactose or gluten intolerance from Indian dishes such as Payasam or Ata ki Roti can also be treated with success by Bioresonance.

Non-invasive method

This is a non-invasive technique, and it is not associated with any possible side effects. Thus, it is increasingly becoming more and more popular as an alternative method for different types of diagnosis. Thousands of actual patients have reported about how they were frustrated with standard medicines and medical approaches, and testified to the efficacy of diagnosis and treatment offered by Bioresonance. You can be more or less sure that it will work for you in case you are suffering from sensitivity to wheat, milk or corn protein in Indian cuisines like Paneer or Kheer.

Basic yet informative results

With this kind of therapy, doctors and patients can get a technique for detecting more than one feedback result in just one session. Bio energetic machines have been in use for around 4 decades now, and have successfully eliminated many problems without the usage of any drugs. Bioresonance has also supported numerous cancer patients, and offered ground breaking results along with regular treatment. Bio energetic medications have been found to offer relief even in challenging situations, such as addition and depression. These can also offer some amount of relief in case of allergy to dishes prepared with fishes and seafood, a staple in Maharashtrian, Bengali and other coastal Indian dishes.

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